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Corrosion Resistant Mirror Die Steel Produced by P80B(H) Hydrogen-Producing Steel Sheet Wugang

Introduction of P80B(H) Steel Plate

P80B (H) steel plate is a hydrogen corrosion resistant mirror die steel. It has the characteristics of high hardness, good mirror effect, good electrical discharge machining, excellent welding performance, and good hydrogen corrosion resistance. It belongs to hydrogen-resistant steel and contains hydrogen test report.

II. Execution Standard and Delivery Status of P80B(H) Steel Plate

Execution Standard: P80B (H) steel plate can be produced in Wuyang Iron and Steel Works in China at present. WYJ (Technical Conditions for Research and Development of Wuyang Steel Products) standard is implemented.

Delivery status: Delivery status is TMCP + tempering.

Chemical Constituents of P80B(H) Steel Plate


4. P80B (H) Hydrogen-bonded steel sheet can be produced in Wuyang Steel Works. Manager Wang Lin can be consulted.

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