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Special Steel

Wuyang Steel E410BR India BIS certificate

E410BR with primer coated, basic price:

Thk20-63mm USD***/MT FOB ST LSD Lianyungang/Shanghai

MOQ: 5MT for each size, 100MT for each steel grade.

Price term: FOB ST LSD China main port (we only do FOB)(bulk cargo ship)

Payment term: 30% advance payment will be paid by T/T after signing the contract and the balance will be paid by T/T before shipment.

Cargo readiness:3 months after receiving advance payment.

Price validity: 5 days.


IS-2062-A Beam, IS-2062 Grade-A Beam, IS:2062-A Beam, IS 2062 Grade-A Beam

IS-2062-B Beam, IS-2062 Grade-B Beam, IS:2062-B Beam, IS 2062 Grade-B Beam

IS-2062-C Beam, IS-2062 Grade-C Beam, IS:2062-C Beam, IS 2062 Grade-C Beam

IS-2062 E250-A Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E250 Grade-A Beam, IS:2062-E250 Grade A Beam

IS-2062 E250-B Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E250 Grade-B Beam, IS:2062-E250 Grade B Beam

IS-2062 E250-C Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E250 Grade-C Beam, IS:2062-E250 Grade C Beam

IS-2062 E250-BR Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E250 Grade-BR Beam, IS:2062-E250 Grade BR Beam

IS-2062 E250-BO Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E250 Grade-BO Beam, IS:2062-E250 Grade BO Beam

IS-2062 E300-A Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E300 Grade-A Beam, IS:2062-E300 Grade A Beam

IS-2062 E300-B Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E300 Grade-B Beam, IS:2062-E300 Grade B Beam

IS-2062 E300-C Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E300 Grade-C Beam, IS:2062-E300 Grade C Beam

IS-2062 E300-BR Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E300 Grade-BR Beam, IS:2062-E300 Grade BR Beam

IS-2062 E300-BO Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E300 Grade-BO Beam, IS:2062-E300 Grade BO Beam

IS-2062 E350-A Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E350 Grade-A Beam, IS:2062-E350 Grade A Beam

IS-2062 E350-B Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E350 Grade-B Beam, IS:2062-E350 Grade B Beam

IS-2062 E350-C Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E350 Grade-C Beam, IS:2062-E350 Grade C Beam

IS-2062 E350-BR Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E350 Grade-BR Beam, IS:2062-E350 Grade BR Beam

IS-2062 E350-BO Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E350 Grade-BO Beam, IS:2062-E350 Grade BO Beam

IS-2062 E410-A Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E410 Grade-A Beam, IS:2062-E410 Grade A Beam

IS-2062 E410-B Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E410 Grade-B Beam, IS:2062-E410 Grade B Beam

IS-2062 E410-C Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E410 Grade-C Beam, IS:2062-E410 Grade C Beam

IS-2062 E410-BR Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E410 Grade-BR Beam, IS:2062-E410 Grade BR Beam

IS-2062 E410-BO Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E410 Grade-BO Beam, IS:2062-E410 Grade BO Beam

IS-2062 E450-A Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E450 Grade-A Beam, IS:2062-E450 Grade A Beam

IS-2062 E450-B Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E450 Grade-B Beam, IS:2062-E450 Grade B Beam

IS-2062 E450-C Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E450 Grade-C Beam, IS:2062-E450 Grade C Beam

IS-2062 E450-BR Beam, IS-2062 Grade-E450 Grade-BR Beam, IS:2062-E450 Grade BR Beam

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