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Technical Advantage

①Technical Advantage of Clean Steel

First-class steelmaking equipment and technology, scrap and other raw materials are selected to reduce the content of foreign inclusions and gases. VD furnace vacuum treatment and calcium treatment were adopted to improve the purity of steel plate.

②Advantages of Electroslag Remelting Technology

Using three 50-ton slab electroslag remelting equipments, which are unique in China, to remelt the ingot can effectively reduce the content of harmful elements and inclusions in the steel, improve the macrostructure of the ingot, such as porosity and segregation, and ensure the compactness and uniformity of the internal structure of the steel plate.

③Advantages of Microalloying Technology

Microalloying technology is used to further improve the service characteristics of steel plate.

④Technical Advantages of Large Ingot Slab with Large Thickness

It has the largest production technology of steel ingot and continuous casting slab in China. The maximum section size of continuous casting slab is 330 mm *2500 mm. EMS with dynamic soft reduction and electromagnetic stirring function is adopted to ensure the internal quality of the slab and fully guarantee the high quality steel slab required by high quality steel plate. It has the largest 9 ingot die casting lines in China. The maximum ingot weight is 50 tons. Under special circumstances, it can reach 80 tons, with an annual output of over 700,000 tons of large ingots.

⑤Rolling Advantage of Extra-thick and Extra-wide Steel Plate

The production mode of ingot or slab structure is adopted to ensure sufficient compression ratio of steel plate and dense internal structure of steel plate. The advanced hydraulic AGC thickness automatic control system, CVC shape control and laser thickness gauge are equipped in the rolling mill with precise rolling technology to ensure dimensional accuracy, excellent plane switch and straightness of steel plate.

⑥Advantages of Heat Treatment Technology

It has the most complete heat treatment equipment for wide and thick plates in China, such as car bottom furnace, external machine furnace, roller bottom furnace and quenching furnace. It can normalize, temper, quench and annealing steel plates. The steel plates have good structure and properties. Annual output of heat treated steel plate is more than 1 million tons.

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